Casting Director Sophie Holland

The new Frank Spotnitz (The X Files, Man in the High Castle) Starring Russell Peters and Anupam Kher

Is the story of British-Indian teenager PAAVAN, who struggles with his cultural heritage in modern-day London. The moment he meets STEPHANIE, an up-and-coming actress who’s beautiful and totally out of his league, he is determined to win over both the girl of his dreams and overcome his disapproving family to live life the way he wants to.

by Christopher Shinn at the Almeida theatre. Directed by Ian Rickson starring Ben Whishaw

Sam Heughan

An audition with Sophie is extremely satisfying and rewarding. Actors are given the perfect environment to allow creativity. Her welcoming smile and talented direction gets only the best results. I wish all auditions were with her!

Sam Heughan - Outlander

Millie Brady

I had some of my first auditions with Sophie, she has been a key player in my development as an actor. From the beginning she made me grow with confidence with her patience and belief in me. I have a lot to thank her for, one of the loveliest and most entertaining casting director I have ever come across

Millie Brady - Clan of the Cave Bear

Claire Cooper

Auditions can be many actors ‘Achilles heel’ no matter how great or small but stepping in the room with Sophie from the very first time to present, She always without fail makes the atmosphere so easy but works the scenes & adapts to get the very best out of you – an actor needs to feel safe & liberated from inner dialogue & other distractions in order to deliver.
I wish every audition process was of Sophie’s professionalism, quality & compassion – a true talent & a casting director With an incredible vision & passion

Claire Cooper - (Hollyoaks, A.D. The bible continues)

Sarah Winter

Sophie has this incredible knack of making you aware that she is on your side. She has always made me feel completely at ease in the casting room – even when I have been asked to do emotionally rigorous scenes (crying, being fatally wounded etc!) – and as a result I have felt able to give a better performance, which has led to some truly lovely jobs! I always look forward to going in for castings with Sophie & come away every time knowing that I have been given the best possible chance at the role.

Sarah Winter- Reign, Casanova