Sophie Holland needs to keep some personal data on file in order to work as a Casting Director/Company. This section explains what data we store, how we store it, and what we do with it after completion of services.


When engaging a performer on a production, SHC requires the Artists representative to supply them with the Artist contact information (Address, Email address and Phone number). The Artists personal information will be shared with Production and stored by SHC for the duration of the Production. We only share data with verified individuals who require it, namely production co-ordinators who are arranging call-sheets, transport and accommodation, legal departments who are drawing up contracts and agreements, and (in the case of employing minors) education authorities who are processing performance licences.


Upon completion of services the Artist contact information (Address, Email address and Phone number) is deleted from Company computer and stored only on an industry grade encrypted password protected server.


We are compliant with GDPR, and require third parties to confirm that they are also GDPR compliant before we can share any personal data with them. We will only ever share information which is essential for engaging an Actor on a specific production, and we expect this data to be securely deleted as soon as it is no longer required. Although most companies we deal with on a regular basis will have a corporate GDPR policy, we will need to verify compliance before we can share any data with new contacts, or with production contacts who are not using corporate e-mail addresses.


Data controller:


The Data Controller is Sophie Holland, and you can contact her at You also have the right to appeal to the Information Commissioner if you feel that your data is being mis-handled.